• Jonah’s Way: Acts of Kindness

    doveThe days before Jonah was born my family and friends supported me and never left my side.  These simple acts of kindness found me. The day I discovered Jonah’s heart stopped beating my world could have fallen completely apart but instead, my family and friends pulled together and carried me through.  It was these simple acts of kindness that saved me.  And over the last year as my heart needed healing, my family and friends came together once again and did countless acts of kindness, in memory of Jonah.  It was these simple acts of kindness that brought me home again.  Today we celebrate Jonah by touching people’s lives.  And it is these simple acts of kindness that gave our Jonah Wynn life again.

    This is Jonah’s Way.

    Please help keep Jonah Wynn’s spirit alive. Do something kind for a stranger, help a friend or a family member in need, practice kindness, donate time or fundraising efforts to a local community group, make a positive difference in someone’s life. Drop us a line at kindness@jonahwynn.com with acts of kindness you have received or completed in Jonah’s memory and keep watching for updates on kind gestures, donations, and volunteer efforts others have done as well.

    Visit our Kind Acts page to see what others have done to help keep Jonah’s memory alive. Also, please check out how you can become involved by spreading your own kindness, or by taking part in Jonah’s Way: Act of Kindness Day – May 3, 2014.