• Jonah’s: Free Doppler Rentals

    Jonah’s: Free Doppler Rentals provides fetal monitors to pregnant women who have previously experienced fetal miscarriage, fetal demise, ectopic pregnancy or stillbirths, or lost a child to complications from pregnancy.  The dopplers are free of charge. However, donations are welcome if you would like to help others receive this service.

    At 37 weeks, our daughter, Jonah Wynn was born still.  Since Jonah’s birth our family has been completing conscious acts of kindness in Jonah’s memory.  Jonah’s Free Doppler Rentals is our act of kindness for those who are high risk or have suffered a loss due to complications of pregnancy.

    Although fetal monitors are not the answer to ensuring this doesn’t happen again we felt they may provide some comfort and peace of mind to women in their subsequent pregnancies.  Our gift is simply to offer these women an opportunity to listen to and enjoy their precious baby’s heartbeat.

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    Please note: Finding a heartbeat on the home doppler does not necessarily mean your baby is okay. Always contact your doctor if you have concerns regarding the health of your baby and maintain regular appointments throughout your pregnancy. A doppler is meant to be a supplemental piece to your subsequent prenatal care, not a replacement tool. You are encouraged to maintain regular OB appointments throughout your pregnancy and follow any recommendations.