• Day Twenty-Seven: Forgiveness does not change the past, but rather gives me the healing I need for my future.

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    One of the stages of healing is placing blame and for day twenty-seven of my twenty-seven days of healing, I forgive and have allowed myself to be forgiven.  I forgive myself, my body, chance, God, my doctor, bad luck, karma, and everything else that I have explored since Jonah Wynn passed away.  I will not pretend to understand but…I forgive and I realize that my healing as great as it has been over the last twenty-seven days, has only just begun.

    The further I moved along in the timeline I have set for myself the more I healed.  Today I lift this timeline from my journey and will continue to work on my healing, each day, for as long as I shall need.

    Day Twenty-seven: Forgive – it heals wounds of the heart.


    I believe in being a leader without title and always strive to do better. I am inspired by doing kind acts for others and believe in the power of intention. I don't give up just because I am told something can't be done. I ask why and strive to do the impossible. Hardships happen to all of us (everyone has a story) but I choose to look for the rainbow through the storm. I rely on my husband for support - he is my hero. Education is power and I strive to always learn more. I aim to live each day as if it is my last and choose to show people how I like to be treated. I say what I feel and aim to have the people I encounter leave better than they came. I love my career and do it because it is my passion. Because time flies when you enjoy what you do, I slow time down by being present in each moment. I choose to live now with no regrets of "should have". I enjoy life and the people in it.

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