• Day Nine: The Power of Music

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    My daughter Rion turns ten today.  I can’t believe how fast time has gone by.  It really seems like yesterday when I was admitted to the third floor in Seongnam Hospital, South Korea and although I couldn’t understand a word most of the staff were saying, felt so cared for by their outstanding and generous nurses.  Rion was born prematurely due to Preeclampsia and before I knew it I was being put asleep and having emergency surgery.  Brad was the first to meet our daughter and spent hours with her while I was in recovery.  I awoke in my hospital room after Rion was born, which looked and felt more like a hotel, where the nurses put on an English episode of “Married with Children” and presented me with our bundle of joy.  Brad was asleep on the couch next to my bed and I was mesmerized by my baby girl and overjoyed to see her for the first time.

    I was so proud of the little girl we brought into the world and felt a special connection with her instantly.  Since then we have been inseparable.  Rion quickly followed Tanner’s footsteps and grew into a thoughtful, kind, and giving person.  She is always by my side when I need her and takes on a grown up role more often than she should have to.  Both Tanner and Rion have been the most amazing children through Jonah’s passing and were so strong through everything.  I couldn’t be prouder.

    During the recent challenge of having to do my own Fragmen injections I could tell Rion was truly feeling bad for me and even offered to do the injections herself.  I was amazed by her strength and knew I had to be a good role model for her by standing up against my fear.  I have been doing pretty well the last few days and as much as I hope I will get used to doing it I’m not yet convinced that I ever will.  Yesterday was another one of those days and as I was mustering up the courage Rion said, “Mommy you need to listen to music when you do this.”  So, I gave her the name of a song and she brought it up on You Tube and pressed play.  We both sat quietly listening to the words of the song and she quickly piped up saying, “Mommy, this is too depressing” and before I knew it she was blasting “We are the World” from 1985.

    This song immediately resonated with me and took me to a happy place and time.  And when Michael Jackson, my first crush, started his solo I did the injection.  I often underestimate the power of music and really should have thought of this idea myself as I recently read about clinical studies that have shown listening to music accelerates natural healing of the body in hospital patients.  While I was in the hospital recovering I listened over and over to the songs “Still” by Gerritt Hofsinck and “The Lord is My Shepherd” sung by Ingrid Dumosch and the more they played the more they healed.

    So, for day nine, I plan to listen to more music and to honour this I have created an environment in my home where I can escape to, free of distraction, to listen to music that inspires me.  Victor Hugo said, “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent”; it plays a huge role in the healing process and I plan to take all the listening time I need.

    Day Nine: Turn the music up.


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