• Day Four: Create brilliant spaces for our family to enjoy

    by  • October 27, 2012 • 27 days of healing • 0 Comments

    We do not need most of the things we own in order to be happy but often accumulate many extras while passing time at the mall or making impulse purchases for things we at the time feel we “need or must have”.  These things often end up cluttering our home.  There are however, many special items that I have acquired over the years that I will always treasure.  I value my Grandfather’s First Aid book that is placed in our living room, the angel Tanner gave me when he was just a small boy, the heart shaped box that Rion painted for me for Mother’s Day, the heart I wear around my neck that I was given just moments after Jonah Wynn was born, the photo album Brad made me of our favourite places, the teapot I received after my Aunt Marie passed away, the cookbook with our families recipes made by my Mother for my Christmas gift last year, the night light given to me by Priscilla that lights my special memory box, my dove given to me by Helen as a reminder of Jonah and other special items that bring back fond memories found in our home.  I display these items proudly.  These items inspire me.

    So, for Day Four my goal is to work on clearing out those extras so I can continue to enjoy the items I cherish.  Today I started packing up old clothes I no longer wear, books I have read but did not enjoy, old papers that have been waiting for shredding, and will continue to work on the extra stuff we have accumulated over the years.  Brilliant spaces that are clutter free leave me feeling inspired and more engaged and I am going to strive to create more of these spaces in our home for our family to enjoy.
    Day Four: Eliminate clutter.


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