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         Meet  Jonah Wynn…




    I was thought of and loved for many years by my family as they waited  for the  right time  for  my  arrival. I was always the topic of discussion at the dinner table and as our families gathered my Mom told stories of how she couldn’t wait for the day that she would be pregnant.  My name, Jonah Wynn, was chosen by my Dad 3 years before I was actually born!  And it was to be my name if I was born either a girl or a boy!  My family secretly hoped for a baby girl and were estatic when they found out they were getting their wish!  My sister Rion even rushed out to buy my first pink outfit!   She bought me a Smurf onesie and did so with her very own money. I am lucky to be blessed with both a sister and a brother. My brother Tanner and sister Rion, along with my family, visit my place of rest every chance they get.  My family longs for us to be together and to watch me grow up but instead I wait for them to meet me in Heaven.

    I was born still.  My Mom had a condition called, Preeclampsia/HELLP Syndrome.  Like many women, she was not aware of its severity and after speaking to other Mom’s like herself realized the support and resources in Canada were limited. We are now working with other families across Canada to create a Preeclampsia Foundation in Canada and hope to educate others so they do not have to suffer the same type of loss. One of the most cherished memories for my Mom and Dad was listening to my heart beating during our regular doctor visits.  To honour this memory, they have created a Free Doppler Rental program for high risk pregnant women and for those who have experienced a previous loss of their own. My family also strives to keep my spirit alive by doing kind acts for others throughout the year and celebrate my birthday through an Act of Kindness Day that is dedicated to spreading kindness.  I am now an angel of God but with your help my spirit will live on.  Drop me a line at kindness@jonahwynn.com as my family always loves to hear words of love, support, and encouragement to help them get through until we one day meet again.